Simple And Effective Trangia Camping Stoves

trangia camping stoveThe basic requirement for any camping equipment is that it must be reliable; being stuck without a stove to cook while in the middle of nowhere can be pretty unpleasant.

Trangia produces what is commonly seen as the best camping stove available in the world.

This Swedish company was founded by John E Jonsson back in 1925, and since then they have developed plenty of expertise in this area.

The principle of the Trangia system is all about keeping it simple, it is a very basic design but it works every time.

There is no pumping or priming required, just fill the tiny container, made of brass, with alcohol and light. After about twenty seconds you will feel the heat from the burner.

The twenty four holes around the burner’s edge is where the flames and heat come through perimeter, there is a lid which will extinguish the fire when it is finished being used but also means it doubles up as storage for fuel too.

Obviously for volume cooking Trangia is not for you, their different models only cater for up to three or four people. However for a small family or people camping alone or in pairs then these just can not be beaten.

Lightweight and very straightforward the whole thing really is a design triumph.

So if you are tired of your current stove letting you down or just starting out in the world of camping then check out the Trangia range of stoves. Many have tried to emulate this Swedish device but so far no-one has quite hit the mark.