Key Factors To Consider When Buying Backpacking Stoves

It is every backpacker’s desire to carry a good camping stove to cook on easily.

However, selecting the right stove for traveling is not as easy as picking up the least expensive model in the store.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right stove. Important key factors include:

1. Kind of trip

It is essential to determine what kind of trip you are planning before searching for your backpacking stove. Calculate for how many persons you will be cooking for, what kind of temperatures you’ll be cooking in and also how complex your meals will be.

2. Right size

You can find backpacking stoves in various sizes and shapes, from lightweight micro stoves to two-burner platforms. Try to stick with light and most compact model, and factor everything in before shopping.

3. Fuel options

Many fuel options are available for backpacking stoves, including petroleum fuels, liquefied gas, alcohol, wood, oils, paraffin and other candle waxes. Before choosing a stove, think for few minutes to decide what kind of fuel would suit your needs best.

4. Overall performance

Once you have sorted through all the above factors, consider the overall performance of the stove. It is possible to improve the overall performance of the stove using various techniques.

Using these key factors will greatly enhance your chances of finding the right stove to suit your needs and ease the preparation of a variety of meals at your campsite.