Must Know Ice Fishing Safety Tips

While ice fishing isn’t the most common hobby of them all, there are some regions where it has become a kind of tradition, such as Vermont. There are thousands of anglers trying their luck every year in the frozen waters. In order to make sure that you will have fun, you should know about the most basic safety tips.

Must Know Ice Fishing Safety Tips

Get the Word Out

If you are planning a trip of this kind, you should make sure that somebody knows about your plans. You could leave a note with the date of your departure and the date of your return. This is very important in case something goes wrong and people have to start looking for you. Also mention where you are going.

Basic Information

It is best not to go fishing alone and you should always have a personal flotation device. It is a good idea to have a chisel and an ice spud with you because the thickness of the ice can vary. If you are wondering on ice, you should always check the thickness of it from time to time.


There are some places where you have to be extra careful. These include crossing the ice near a river mouth, bridges, points of land, and around springs and reefs. This is because there is some current in these places which could make the ice become thinner than in other places.

Melting Ice

If the ice has melted away from the shore, you shouldn’t get on it. This is because it is a sure sign that melting is on the way. As a result the ice can change its direction at any time, even if the wind changes its direction.


During winter it is common for the weather to be windy. If you are out fishing and you see larger areas clear of ice, it means that there is wind which produces waves and you should get off the ice as soon as possible. If the waves get larger, they can move large pieces of ice and for sure you don’t wish to be caught on it.

Hand Spikes

When fishing you have to be prepared for the worst. It is important to have hand spikes with you. This way in case you go under you can use the spikes to help you reach the surface. You can punch the spikes into the ice to help yourself.