What To Bring On A Hiking Adventure With Your Hiking Tents?

Not all who go hiking come back in time to snuggle in the comforts of their homes and beds. This is the reason why some hikers bring their tents with them. This poses a problem since hiking tents in nature are bulky and hiking can be tiresome.

Bringing tents and beddings with you could take up the bulk of your hiking backpacks and hardly give you space for any other necessities.

Good news is manufacturers saw the need of innovating tents that could be easily carried and will take up lesser space. This is how hiking tents came about. These are light weight tents which can be packed easily and take up lesser space than the usual tents.

A downside to this is the fact that the materials may also be thinner than the usual tents that we have. This is why if you intend to sleep in the middle of nowhere in your hiking tents, you must bring other important equipment with you.

Things to bring on a hike together with your hiking tents

Materials to start a campfire

The only things that your hiking tents could protect you from are bugs and insects but not from wild animals. Bring your matches or lighters with you to start a campfire.

Many experienced campers proved that a campfire can ward off wild animals especially at night when you are asleep. Further, it can provide light and keep you warm throughout the night.

Make sure that you do not start a fire near your hiking tents and have lots of firewood ready.

Thick clothing

Jackets and thick stretchable pants for sleeping will protect you from the growing coolness of the night ahead.

Although some hiking tents might be thick enough to keep some of the coolness away and you can build a campfire, you will be better off if you bring thick clothing, mittens and socks that will provide your body insulation.


Some people prefer camping or hiking alone but having someone with you is more practical and safer. Bring a company or two with you; just don’t plan on hiking and camping out alone in your hiking tents. You never know what you will encounter.

Also, plan out ahead of time how many people will fit in one hiking tent. Bring enough hiking tents to ensure all of you get a good night’s sleep.

Emergency lights/ flashlights

Choose those which are not too bulky to carry around; otherwise you’ll wear yourself out carrying them. Bringing them with you as you sleep inside your hiking tents is important since you know you won’t have electricity or any other source of light once the campfire is out.


Each of you should bring one. In case you lose each other along the hike, you will have something to determine where the other is. This way you will hear the exact location of a company who lost his/her way.

Map and compass

These are two things you should bring along when you plan to hike and camp in your hiking tents during the night. The woods might look all the same to you in the morning, and you can’t afford to get lost because you lack your sense of direction.