Tips To Make The Country Hiking An Unbeaten Experience!

hikingDo you want to camp in a different style? Then introduce back country hiking in your camping for successful camping.

When you prefer camping ground near to country location, county hiking is the most preferred pastime to have a successful camping.

Country camping is very interesting and makes the camping experience bloom.

But if you choose country places as camping ground, then there is a chance that you get bored with the camping area, as the place will be very remote and aloof from the city life.

So, by adding entertainment to the camping grounds, you can make the country camping experience an interesting one.

County hiking is different from other hiking experiences and the country hiking check list is also different from traditional checklist.

The basic checklist also differs, so you need to include many items in the country hiking checklist for additional safety in the country hiking.

Country hiking checklist:

  • Map and compass
  • Water filter or water purification tablets
  • Flash lights with additional batteries
  • Clothing
  • Extra food
  • Multipurpose tools like Swiss knife
  • Blanket which provide insulation and shelter
  • Sunglasses and other tools for controlling sun adverse effects
  • Water proof matches

These are the most necessary things while hiking in country campgrounds. These things make the camping safer and successful.

Tips for having a safe country hiking:

Fear of being lost: This is the most common fear for the campers who are exploring a new place. Make sure that every camper of your camp has a map of the camping ground and compass to find out the locations.

See that every camper can understand how to read the map and understand the directions shown in the map using compass.

You can even provide your camper with a GPS unit which helps you in locating the lost camper.

If you are lost, don’t panic, stay calm and cool. Check your map for the directions to locate the camping ground. Build a small campfire, which helps your other hiking partners to locate you with the help of smoke.

What in case if you are hurt? Learn how to handle the emergencies, in case of any dangerous accidents. Accidents are common in hiking; learn different ways to evacuate the patient to a safer place in case of any disaster.

Take necessary steps to control the adverse effects which take place at hiking. Inform all your hikers to be very careful while hiking in the country campgrounds. You can control the need of medical emergency by making your hiking safer.

Always be cautious about your next step to make your hiking safer. See that you do not place your step on loose rock or loose soil which drags you into disaster.

Check the weather conditions: When heading for hiking, see the climatic conditions of the place. How is the climate? Is it going to rain or it is a dry day? Consult the local weather office for any such drastic changes in the weather.

Hypothermia is the most common problem many country hikers go through. This occurs due to excessive exposure to cold, wind and wetness.

See that you don’t get into the claws of the disease. Always pack proper clothing for heading away from hypothermia.

Choose correct time: When you start your hiking experience in a new place, the main important thing is the time and schedule.

If you start hiking in the late mornings, then you can exhaust very easily and cannot make out much time in gathering much experience from hiking.

Start in the early mornings, so that you can get much time for hiking and can even return back before it gets dark.