Keep your camping essentials together with a Snugpak Response Pak

We all know when you’re on a camping trip there are some essentials you can’t do without but can often be cumbersome, plus it can be frustrating when you end up having different bits in the bottom of multiple bags, pockets making it difficult to carry around with you when all you want is a nice easy relaxing trip in the outdoors with everything at hand.  All you need to keep you items in one handy place is the Snugpak Response Pak.

Having developed numerous types of cold weather and outdoor gear over the last few decades like backpacks, bags, sleeping bags, clothing, even tents and accessories for camping, exploring and even working outdoors has led to some incredible innovations in Snugpak products.  One of the most popular products the Snugpak Softie has even been used by US, European and Australian military forces in every major conflict since the Falklands.


The Snugpak Response Pak is one such innovation from the brand – it’s an incredibly lightweight waist bag at 440 grams and is designed similar to smaller tactical bags so they can take a lot of use and wear.  Each response pack is made from 660D PVC Polyester Ripstop material which whilst being light is also extremely durable (the fabric is used for parachutes and hot air balloons primarily) and certain types tend to be fire and water resistant, but all ripstop used on the Response Paks will withstand most scuffs, scrapes and snags and completely stops them from becoming larger tears.

The Snugpak Response Pak comes with a fully adjustable waist belt making it fairly easy to make it fit to your size and sits comfortably around your waist.  Perhaps the most impressive and important feature of the Snugpak Pak is the numerous internal and external compartments that quite surprisingly have enough room to put your much needed kit in so you can have everything from a stove, torches, tent pegs, binoculars, a compass, first aid kit and more easily accessible at a moment’s notice so there’s no more fumbling around in the dark for a torch before you even try and find a spare tent peg or multi-tool.

Depending on your personal preference you can have a Snugpak Response Pak in either black or olive green at a number of online retailers so you never have to carry your camping gear around in numerous bags or misplace smaller items again with a Response Pak.