5 Common Backpacking Mistakes People Make

Backpacking is fun! Yes, there is no denying of the fact that packing your backpack and wandering out to explore, travel and hike can be a lot of fun and full of adventures. But a few mistakes here and there can spoil your experience and the trip ahead. There are several common backpacking mistakes that people make and the following are the top 5 of those:

backpacking mistakes people make1. Packing too much

One of the common backpacking mistakes that people are most likely to make is to pack a little too much. The very concept of backpacking is about living on little for a time. Keeping your backpack light is a very handy advice, one which will let you enjoy your experience rather than cribbing about the heavy backpack and the pain in the shoulders at the end of each day. Keep only the most essential items and avoid any thing which you think you won’t need. Pack half of what you need and enjoy the experience!

2. Buying Several New Gadgets

Another common mistake associated with backpacking that people tend to make is buying several new gadgets. Once you decide to go travelling, you might get very excited and may buy several new items for your trip. You must limit the items you purchase and only carry those which you won’t be able to do without. For example, some people purchase sewing kits, which is an absolute non-necessity.

3. Over Planning and Booking Very Well in Advance

Backpacking is all about spontaneity and exploring. You must avoid making the mistake of over planning everything and making all your bookings well in advance. Enjoy the spur of the moment and go where your heart takes you. Only book those things which are extremely important such as a hostel bed or a train ticket.

4. Choosing an Incompatible Travel Partner

Another common mistake is to choose an incompatible travel partner. Choose one with whom you are comfortable with and one who agrees to your style of travelling.

5. Trying to do too much on a Single Day

Rather than putting 10 things on your day’s schedule, put 5 and enjoy each one of them. Trying to see too much or do too much can really spoil your backpacking experience. Don’t be too ambitious and be realistic about what all can you put in your trip. Take into account distance between places and the time you would need at each.