Bolivia Illustrates The Cliché Saying Poor Countries Are Rich In Natural Wonders

Bolivia may be the poorest country in South America but it is one of the best countries to discover as you backpack across it. Traverse mountains and deep jungles on foot enjoying the local culture and learning Spanish in the wake (if you don’t already know it).

You can even trek on ancient Inca trails which still exist through the jungles and rugged mountains. The altiplans or the salt plains are exquisite and not to be missed. All this at very low budgets too.

The country has lot to offer to the backpacker. Enjoy the history (Potosi), amazing scenery, the highest capital city of the world, plenty of trekking opportunities and accessible jungles. The country is pretty much indigenous with most of the population still living traditionally. It is aptly named the Tibet of America.

The jungle trails and trekking trails may not be the friendliest terrain during or just after the rainy season which is during the summer months ranging from October to February.

Do keep in mind that the season months are reversed as Bolivia is in the southern hemisphere. The winters can be quite cold specially so on the high altitudes. The high altitudes of the altiplans are cold through out the year with sub zero temperatures in the night.