Benefits of Staying in Youth Hostels

Youth hostels are overlooked by those seeking a cheap break, either at home or abroad – but there’s every reason to give these low-cost lodgings another look.

Cheaper than a B&B, more comfortable than camping and less hassle than a caravan, they offer basic but quality accommodation for solo travellers or groups.

And with organisations like the YHA operating dozens of hostels all around England and Wales, there’s no shortage of choices.

Benefits of Staying in Youth Hostels

Here are some of the benefits of staying at a youth hostel:


Youth hostels offer probably the cheapest accommodation to be found anywhere, short of kipping on a friend’s couch! For this reason they’re popular with backpackers, hikers and people on city breaks – especially in countries like Switzerland where accommodation costs are sky-high.

While dormitory beds are undoubtedly the cheapest option for those staying in hostels, many offer private rooms that are still cheaper than a B&B.


Hostels are much more informal than hotels, and usually provide communal kitchens and living areas. This encourages much more interaction between guests, and anyone who’s spent time in hostels knows they’re a great place to meet people who have travelled the world and have plenty of interesting stories to tell!


Hostels are overseen by member organisations of Hostelling International, which sets out minimum quality standards for all its lodgings. This means they are regularly inspected to make sure they offer comfort, cleanliness and safety to all guests. Like hotels, the staff clean the rooms – the days when guests were expected to pitch in are long gone!


Many hostels are located in remote places, meaning they’re the ideal choice for hikers, cyclists and anybody travelling off the beaten path. However, plenty of major city centres also have hostels where travellers can find affordable lodgings.


Hostelling and adventure sports go hand in hand, and many are located close to kayaking, rock climbing, caving and mountain biking facilities – in fact, almost any activity you can imagine! Some even offer equipment hire on-site.

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