Basic Rules For Going Backpacking In The Mountains

backpackingAll of us who are fond of backpacking and of the great walks outdoors are eventually experiencing some unpleasant events that can easily be avoided following a few very simple rules.

The group members have to know the route taken and to agree with one another about it.

Also it is important all of them would know how to use a map and operate a compass. The route, especially if in the woods, needs to be set precisely in order to prevent complications.

It is better to walk at a constant speed and that speed set to the pace of the slowest person in the group. A calm pace leads to a calm behavior and in conclusion to a better reaction to unexpected events that may ask for a careful alternative analysis.

If the weather turns bad suddenly and the visibility is drastically reduced, do not panic and study all the alternatives. In case of storms, snow, blizzard or rain it is better to walk on slow distances so you will be able to follow your tracks back in case you lose your way.

Do not go backpacking alone. It is irresponsible and it can seriously endanger your life. Also be careful not to start a stone movement that can hurt both you and other tourists on the way.

It is better to say hello and give a hand to those in need if found on the way. The mountain is a wonderful place to visit but it can also be dangerous.

So being kind to others proves just how responsible can you be.