Backpacking In The United Kingdom: Take A Break From Your Tent

backpackingBackpacking through Europe is every college student’s dream. Imagine touring the United Kingdom on the cheap.

Meet new people, experience a different culture and hike and camp to your heart’s content.

When you get tired of your faithful tent, there is a great alternative that doesn’t cost much more than a site at a campground would run you.

Backpackers and Youth Hostels

The United Kingdom is chockfull of youth hostels that are so inexpensive when you hear the price you’ll also hear your jaw hit the floor.

They are typically dormitory style sleeping arrangements but many have 2, 3 or 4 to a room and some even. There are usually cooking facilities, a room for guests to gather as well as a few other useful amenities.

Backpackers have long since availed themselves of the services of hostels. Their inexpensive price tag is one benefit as well as the companionship of those that can give some helpful hints on sightseeing, attractions, and cheap eats. Another plus is their location.

You can choose to stay in the heart of one of the U.K.’s thriving metropolises, you can be accommodated in the lush countryside or breathe in the salty air along the seaside as you sink into slumber.

Where to Stay

You can stay in a hostel in the heart of such cities as London, Liverpool, Manchester or Oxford. Many of the best sights and attractions are easily accessed when you choose to explore one of cities.

If your backpacking trip includes the children, there are hostels that cater to families where amusements for the kids are within striking distance. They offer family accommodations with a child friendly atmosphere.

You might choose a hostel that once was a castle, afford you stunning vistas of the English countryside or set upon a high cliff overlooking the sea. You may find yourself laying down your head in a manor house built in the 15th, 16th or 17th century.

If you want to keep in the spirit of camping during your break from your sleeping bag, there are hostels located in remote and wild areas where the only way to reach your hostel is on foot.

So the next time you find yourself in the U.K. with a pack upon your back and a yearning for a night’s sleep with a real roof over your head, check out some of the hostels in the areas you will be visiting.