All You Need To Know About Backpacking With Backpacker March 2010

The best info guide for everyone, who loves camping and activities like backpacking, hiking and walking, is the Backpacker Magazine.

backpackerTheir last issue for March is advising you to take a look at the wild nature life. It also shows you great destinations for camping and outdoor activity. There you can find info about Colorado’s highest ice waterfall and Florida’s miniature deer.

Don’t miss out to explore their 22 new destinations for trips near you. The magazine is offering a close look to 26 natural wonders, which you can discover when you are camping.

The new issue of the magazine also displays the best hikes and gears for outdoor fun. If you are capturing your adventures, here you will find also tips how to make photographs as a pro, while you are taking trips.

Backpacker Magazine shows also stunning portraits from wildlife and suggests you to learn survival skills for the most dangerous places on earth.