A Smartly Packed Backpack Equals A Comfortable Camping Trip

Backpacking is actually fun, in case you know how to do it. Don’t forget your goal is to ensure more comfort for your back and you can do it by cutting nearly 80 percents off the backpack weight.

This way your hips will rest and you will not feel pressure all the time. The first step is to know how much weight you will carry in your pack. The experts are recommending nearly 10-15 lbs of weight. One of the tricks for smartly backpacking is to loosen the hip belt and the straps.

The right way for carrying the pack is on your back, but the hip belt needs to lean over your hipbones. The padded sections of the belt can be also fixed in the way they will provide more comfort for your hips.

Tighten and buckle the shoulder straps as long as it is needed. Stop when you feel the pack is warping your shoulders without putting pressure on them.

The sternum strap is also an issue. Usually we all forget to adjust it, but it is actually required to be set up across your chest and help your back in carrying the weight. For stabilizing the load of your pack, always check the stabilizer strap located on your belt.