RV Winter Camping – Simple or Complicated?

Many people feel RV winter camping is “complicated” because of the equipment. This isn’t exactly the whole truth. RV lovers should go for winter camping only after special preparations, in order to make this experience simple and enjoyable.

winter rv camping

Here are few tips how to do it. At first, remember it is winter and you will be spending particular time in sub-zero temperatures, therefore get extra wide planks.

The planks should be placed beneath the tires and the jacks, in order to keep the rig from sinking. The bottom of your trailer also should be equipped properly. Place skirting around the bottom to prevent freezing and eventual rupturing of your tank. Insulation is an essential part of these preparations.

The simplest, but yet effective insulation is to use 2 x 2 lumber and staple on the best insulation you can get. Try to insulate all openings, in order to keep the vehicle warm.

winter camping

A dehumidifier is the very next thing you should buy, for you will have to prevent the condensation. The air conditioner heat strips or heat pumps are also very useful options, but don’t forget they are limited. If the weather gets too cold, they will not work.