RV Camping Versus Tent Camping

tent campingThe all times parent of camping, the good old tent, has got over the years a serious competition as a possible shelter during outdoor trips.

This type of camping was so very hip a few decades ago and it was the most common accommodation used by young people while they were organizing an escapade from home.

The modern times require a more…”camping in style” activities and the comfort of RV-s has replaced the feeble tents. So nowadays the campers are pretty much divided in two camps.

One is preaching the environmental friendly tents, the other the “homes away from home” RV-s.

The tents have become a real state of the art camping accessories. Their feeble body was enforced over the years with fiber glass or aluminum and that gave the tents a more stable structure.

This kind of tents was created to offer shelter for the dearing adventurers climbing the mountains. They can be set on a rough terrain, even on rocky mountain peaks and their double sheet protects the campers from the cold of the mountains.

Camping tent is still used to go camping at the seaside because it is easy to set up, light and most of all they don’t occupy a large “parking space”.

At the seaside the tents can be set right on the beach and can save the campers the trouble of finding shade at noon when the sun is too hot.

Tents are not so expensive but they don’t last a life time. Their exposure to the wind and rain guarantees them a life of no more than 3-4 years of periodical usage.

The RV is the perfect way of going around the country. 60% of US families own an RV and the rest are renting one for the summer outings. The Grand Canyon is a very popular destination and RVs are the best way to get there.

Considering there are RV parks all over the country offering along parking space maintenance, sanitizing and supply services for RVs, this type of camping is the best solution for families with children.

The RVs usually come with all the necessary equipment for camping. They have a kitchen with a fridge very helpful for storing the food during summer days, a bathroom and bunk beds along with all the necessary tools for a successful family adventure.

The advantage of an RV is that is a lot safer than a tent. It protects the campers from the rain, the heat, the wild animals and anything else…crawling in the night.

An RV is expensive but taken care of, can last for many years. Also an RV can be taken on a trip regardless the season. The modern types are equipped with heating and air conditioning devices and can make a camping  trip very enjoyable.

So before you decide to become a camper it is helpful to consider which one of the options is better for you.