Make Your RV Clean and Shiny for Spring

Spring cleaning can’t be complete without cleaning your RV. A thorough cleaning of both the interiors and exteriors is essential to keep it in good shape for your adventures for the rest of the year.

cleaning rv

Start with the interiors and then move out to the exteriors. The first thing would be to vacuum the floors, upholstery and draperies.

Next shampoo the carpet. Move on to the windows, cabinet exteriors, sinks, shower and toilet. Follow them with a thorough cleaning of the refrigerator, microwave and stove. Remove stains from the upholstery and remember to condition the vinyl and leather. Dust or vacuum the interior fixtures and surfaces.

Now it is time to get down to the counter tops and tables followed by organizing the drawers and cabinets. Keep track of any damages that may have occurred and get them repaired.

With the insides completely cleaned, step out and start on the exterior of the RV. Wash the roof surface and remember to treat it with a protective layer. Wash the exteriors thoroughly and apply protective paint, polish or wax. Clean awnings, side out toppers and repeat with the protective coats of paint or wax.

The slide out seals need to be treated with seal treatment and the rails need lubricant. Clean the windshield and finish with water bead treatment. The tires need to be cleaned next and finish with…yes…a protective layer. Last but not the least, polish all the chrome wheels and other exterior accessories for that shiny squeaky look.