10 Tips For Camping With An RV

rv camping1. Take with you on your camping trip some prepaid phone cards. These are easy to use, efficient and inexpensive.

2. To get rid of nasty creepy spiders put moth balls around your camp site but especially near the propane lines of the refrigerator and water heater.

3. Hook up to a water pressure regulator. This will help protect your RV’s plumbing when you are hooked up to any water source.

4. To charge your batteries use an auto battery charger.

5. Check your tire pressure often. This will minimize your risk of tire damage and blow outs as well as maximize your gas mileage.

6. To keep ants away from your camp site and RV use a cleanser with bleach.

7. You can also put Vaseline around any entry points to the RV to keep bugs and ants from entering the vehicle.

8. Make sure you have a carbon monoxide detector on board with you. And check or replace the batteries often. Also, regularly check your smoke detector.

9. Have a fire extinguisher on board and very easily accessible.

10. Park in shady areas to keep the RV cool and minimize air conditioning costs.