House On Wheels Vs. Backpacking For A US Travel Camping Trip

We (my brother, my son and I) are planning to travel all around US this summer and we are still undecided whether to take the camper trailer or just go backpacking.

We are really wondering if it’s not a waste of time and effort than what it’s worth for the extra comfort and storage space.

house on wheelsSome people claim that an RV is a good family investment because it’s a big vehicle and you can bring a lot of stuff with you but I think an RV takes a lot of room in camp, and you won’t be able to leave your RV in a tight camp.

Indeed, the burden could really be disturbing and will surely slow our pace but finding the public parking for my RV can be a challenge, taking into consideration the fact that certain parks have RV restrictions.

This brings up the need to get a road map following all the RV camping sites on our route, checking if they offer supplies or just parking, if there is a gas station included and the check list just got bigger.

I’m sure you’ll agree that sleeping was better when you go RV camping. An RV is a home on wheels away from home; you can cook your dinner at the end of the day, sleep in a nice, clean bed.

However, the comfort in my RV will tempt me to spend too much time in it and my plans are not to miss any adventure, after all, this is the reason for which we are traveling, escaping routine and looking to see different places.

It is very important for me to explore, to see how an area really looks like rather than seeing only the tourist parts. On the other hand, I realized that we will really need a freezer and refrigerator because we will be traveling for about a month.

I must give an extra plus to the RV here because having food at hand and not having to carry it on your back and worry where to buy some more when it’s done makes a camping trip less troublesome.

backpacking tripThe biggest advantage of backpacking is the fact that you will save a lot of money, RV camping costs a lot more and after all, gas is pretty expensive.

Backpacking is a lot cheaper and it can also have lots of the amenities an RV has such as: air bed, camp stoves, cooler with dry ice etc. An RV will surely get dusty and it’s going to take a lot of time to clean it up to the rental place.

The most important thing to me is to assure my son will enjoy his trip. An RV is thus quite safe; the security level in an RV campground is very good.

I have to say that I am not that comfortable with sharing washrooms and I really have to take my hot shower at the end of the day, so maybe RV camping is more advantageous to me.