Building a Snow Cave for Camping

Nothing is quite as satisfying as building our own shelter and living in it. Snow caves are so fun and they are enjoyable winter camping events. Set up a large mass of snow, dig it with snow hovels, wrap the bottom and cover the door.

snow cave

Choosing the right location for snow cave:

  • The area should be safe from avalanches.
  • Mark the roof of the cave with visible markings.
  • Outside of the tent height should be 4-5 feet, according to it choose whether to assemble a pile, tunnel in or dig down.

Piling a snow cave:

  • Prepare for 3 hours to build a sufficient snow pile.
  • For 2 adults calculate a 10 foot surround. If there are more than 2 adults, then add 2 feet to the diameter for every adult.
  • Usage of tarp helps to dig the snow to the pile.
  • It is better to pile 2 feet high than the chosen height.
  • Allow the pile to assemble for two hours before tunneling into it.

Tunneling out the snow cave:

  • Plan for about 3 hours to dig the snow cave
  • Wear layers to get rid of insulation. To stay dry and warm, you need to avoid sweating.
  • Keep the door small, i.e. about 24-30 inches wide and tall.
  • Cut from the top downward.
  • Create depth check holes for proper ventilation.