Avoiding Bugs While Camping – Best Solutions

It is undeniable that camping is fun, but there are some aspects of camping that could make people reluctant about their adventures in the wilderness. Bugs are an important part of the ecosystem, but there are some ways for you to make sure that they won’t become a part of your system as well.


There are two kinds of spiders that you should avoid at all costs. There is the black widow that has an hourglass shape and an orange cross on both sides. The other one is the brown recluse which has a brown color and that has a dark spot that looks just like a violin.

Avoiding spiders

In order not to have encounters with these spiders you should always wear gloves when sticking your hands in dark places like when gathering wood for the fire. You will know right away if you were bitten by a black widow, but the effect develop more slowly in case of the brown recluse.


These are nocturnal animals and their sting is very painful. In order to avoid betting stung, you should shake out your clothes, shoes, bags, bedding, and camping gear prior to use. Opt for shoes that will protect your feet against scorpions. Sandals and flip flops don’t work for camping.

Bees and wasps

In order to avoid stinging insects, you should be especially careful around flowers, bushes, and shrubs. Also don’t forget that garbage cans can also attract these insects. One of the best ways to keep these insects away is to lay out Bounce dryer sheets.


If you are walking in a place where you know you can encounter ticks, you should opt for long pants and tuck your pants into your socks. Choose long sleeved shirts and tuck them in your pants. Check your clothes to see whether any ticks attached to them or not. When you return to the campground ask someone to check your hair and your neck for ticks.


Although majority of ants aren’t dangerous, it’s still no fun being around them. To make sure that they won’t find you, you shouldn’t leave anything lying around that is appealing for them. Make sure that you keep your food well sealed and that you throw the garbage in garbage cans, away from the camp.

There are a lot of small insects that you don’t want to be around on a trip and this is why you should take preventive measures.