Montenegro – A Small Treasure Chest Of The Old Europe

Among the camping destination from Europe, a new and interesting place has emerged lately to offer a low cost but nevertheless amazing experience for the passionate campers of the world.

montenegroSince Slovakia and Poland are already known to be valuable targets for camping tourists there is no wonder Montenegro has also become one.

For a camper the road may seem a bit long but a passionate traveler is sure to enjoy the experience whether he chooses a typical camping site or goes for camping in the woods.

Montenegro is better to visit in summer. Since it connects to Adriatic Sea it is quite a sight to be seen for somebody ready to enjoy an extremely large variety of natural wealth from breathtaking scenery, welcoming beaches, clear lakes, fast rivers and tall to imposing mountains.

Adriatic SeaThe campers can enjoy the large variety of outdoor activities and find supplies at a very low price. In the mean time they can enjoy the fascinating history of this small but worth to be visited country.

It is quite educative to explore a culture full of wonderful traditions in which the blue Adriatic can connect you to the paradox of a small country almost invisible on the map and the natural treasure it holds meant to offer the campers an unforgettable memory.