Camping in Yellowstone Tips

Yellowstone National Park is one of the most popular camping destinations of the country. However, you should know about some camping in Yellowstone tips to make sure that you will have the perfect vacation that you have been dreaming about.

Camping in Yellowstone Tips

Safety first

If you would like to visit the park during springtime, you should know that during this period there are a lot of bear cubs. This is why you should always travel in groups of at least three and make as much noise as you can. This way you can keep the bears away.


In case you are looking for advice for camping in Yellowstone, it is good to remember to keep all your food locked up. This way you won’t become a tempting target for bears. While there are some special bear boxes, it might be enough to put everything in your car.

Check for food

When it comes to camping in Yellowstone tips, one of the first things that you have to do when arriving to your campsite is to make sure that no food or garbage has been left behind by previous campers. If you find garbage, you should hang it at least 10 feet from the trunk of a tree and 4 feet high.

Cold nights

Keep in mind regarding the camping in Yellowstone advice that the nights can be cold here, even during summer. Make sure that you have a good sleeping bag and a mat too. If you don’t have these, another option is to have some flattened cardboard under your tent.

Backpacking gear

The camping in Yellowstone tips tell you to have high quality backpacking gear. If you find that you have forgotten something at home, the good news is that the park has a store that carries everything you could possibly need while camping, including sleeping mats.

Other ideas

The people looking for ideas for camping in Yellowstone should be prepared for encountering mosquitos and it is wise to be dressed in layers. During the daytime the temperature can be quite high, but during the night it is pretty cold.

In order to find out more about the camping in Yellowstone tips you could ask people who already had this experience or take a look around official webpages that offer information of this kind. You can be sure that later you will be able to use this information.