Camping in Michigan Upper Peninsula – Tips to Keep in Mind

The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is a great place to spend a day or two camping. Park your RV, sit back and enjoy quality time with your friends and family in a quiet place which feels like the heart of nowhere. The best time to go is between May and August, as the winters can be a bit cold in the peninsula. Once you are there, there are a number of places you can visit and a few activities you can take up.

Camping in Michigan Upper Peninsula

Rent a Cottage

The peninsula is a great spot to observe nature and relax watching the wildlife. Rent a cottage or look for a RV park-ground and indulge in a few days of healthy camping. There are more than 100 accommodation places to suit every need and taste.

Copper Mine Tours

Copper mining was the main job in the peninsula, back in the old days. Even if the miners are no longer working, you can visit the mines in of 1 to 3 hours long guided tours. During your visit you will learn some history about copper mining and the Michigan peninsula. At the end you can buy a copper souvenir.

Taste the Local Cuisine

Pastry is the traditional favorite of the area and it consists of a sort of turned-over meat. It is sold both in the respectable restaurants in the peninsula and on the near-road booths. All these claim to sell the best pastry, but you must taste a few before making up your mind.

Hiawatha National Forest

The magnificent scenery is breathtaking, featuring lots of waterfalls, hiking trails, small lakes and beautiful shorelines. Hiawatha is divided in two main parts due to its big size and it touches the shores of the Michigan Lake, Huron Lake and Lake Superior on the Eastern side. On the West the National Forest shake hands with Michigan Lake and Lake Superior.

Mackinac Bridge

This bridge connects the I-75 to the Upper and Lower Peninsula, being the longest suspended bridge in the Western hemisphere. It offers outstanding views on the lake and the surrounding area and it’s definitely worth the ride.

Picture Rocks Natural Lakeshore

If you reached Michigan peninsula you need to make a stop at the Lakeshore to admire the waterfalls. There are special cruises which really help you discover the beauty of this part of the country.

The Michigan Upper Peninsula is a place for those looking for relaxation and just a hint of adventure, while spending some quality time outdoors with the family, in a natural, almost virgin, environment.