10 of the World’s Best Camping/Mountain Climbing Destinations

Hiking, climbing, and mountaineering. What better way to complement your camping trip. If you’re interested in any of these activities, especially mountain climbing, these are some of the best places in the world to enjoy them.

1. Russia: Mount Elbrus

Mountain Climbing Destinations(photo credit: pamilne)

This is a dormant volcano which sits close to the border with Georgia. The name Elbrus reportedly comes from Persian mythology and it translates into ‘guard or watch’. The mountain belongs to the Greater Caucasus mountain range. The volcano’s ice-capped peak supplies the water for more than 20 glaciers.

2. Tanzania: Mount Kilimanjaro

Mountain Clilmbing Destinations(photo credit: chijs)

This is one of the most famous mountains on the planet and it actually consists of three extinct volcanoes. There are numerous routes to take to reach the mountain’s peak. However, the most scenic is generally regarded to be Machame. It’s also probably the steepest route.

3. Nepal: Mount Everest

Mount Everest(photo credit: rupertuk)

This is probably the most famous mountain in the world and it’s the one that most mountain climbers aspire to reach the top of. Tensing Norway and Sir Edmund Hillary were the first to accomplish the fear back in 1953 and it’s believed that about 2,000 others climbers have reached the peak since then.

4. Mexico: Citlaltepetl and Iztaccihuatl

Mountain Climbing Destinations(photo credit: cadampol)

These two Mexican mountains are the third and seventh highest in North America. The word Iztaccihuatl translates into ‘white woman.’ This is because the snow-capped mountains look like the breasts, feet, and head of a sleeping woman.

5. Nepal: The Annapurna peaks

Nepal The Annapurna Peaks(photo credit: deepblue66)

The Annapurna peaks belong to the Himalayan Mountain range in Nepal. The scenery around them is quite breathtaking. The highest peak is 26,545 feet. This makes it a hard mountain to conquer and the fatality rate here for climbers is reportedly quite high.

6. Peru: The Andes

Mountain Climbing Destinations(photo credit: covetchicago)

One of the most scenic mountain sites in the world is the Inca trail, which winds through the Andes Mountains down in Peru. Travelers will be able to experience several types of ecosystems, such as rainforests and deserts. You’ll also find the famous lost city of Machu Picchu, which was built by the Incas in the early 1400s and wasn’t discovered again until 1911.

7. Mongolia: Mount Khuiten

Mountain Climbing Destinations(photo credit: kitseeborg)

This majestic mountain sits in a remote region of Mongolia, close to Russia and China. It belongs to the Altai Mountains, which are also known as the Golden Mountains. It’s generally considered to be one of the planet’s most remote peaks.

8. Iran: Mount Damavand

Mount Damavand(photo credit: thebigdurian)

Mount Damavand is the highest peak in Iran and belongs to the Elburz Mountains. It’s considered to be a bit easier to climb than some of these other mountains and offers some amazing views. According to Persian myths, this is thought to possibly be Noah’s Ark’s resting place.

9. Switzerland: The Matterhorn

The Matterhorn(photo credit: david99)

There are so many mountains in Switzerland that it’s believed to actually be the birthplace of mountain climbing. The Matterhorn isn’t the highest mountain in the nation, but it’s basically regarded as the symbol of the Swiss Alps because of its curved peak.

10. America: Mount McKinley

Mountain Climbing Destinations(photo credit: jdegenhardt)

Mount McKinley, also known as Denali, sits in the northern state of Alaska and is North America’s highest peak. The views are amazing, but remember the best times to try and climb it is between May and June since there’s less chance of an avalanche.