Grilled Camping Delight With No Meat Involved

Grilled delights are something everybody loves. The best way to eat a good and tasty camping dish is to experience all the savor and flavor of grilled delights.

grilled cornWho says you can only grill meat? Nowadays the healthy way of camping encourages us to watch our diet but also to make the most of the camping cooking experience using nothing but healthy ingredients.

So what exactly can we grill on a fall camping fire? Grilled corn is delightful if grilled in the cob. The most common grilled corn recipe is the one using nothing else but olive oil and a pinch of salt.

If you want a slightly milder taste but also a more delightful treat for your palate, use butter and cream cheese.

You can prepare this grilled dish sweet or salty but make sure you keep the corn inside the cob long enough to cook thoroughly.

grilled champignon mushrooms

Grilled champignon mushrooms are also a delight for camping trips. Clean them of the soft skin, wash them and remove the leg. Put them on the grill with the hole up and put some oil in them. Let them cook for 10-15 minutes.

Pour out the liquid from the hole, and fill with soft cheese. Let the cheese grill and melt. These two dishes accompany perfectly one another and they are perfect for anybody who wants to have a meatless grilled delight.