The Storage Place You Need When Driving To The Outdoors

When you are camping you always need more and more storage space. Anyone who is keen on outdoor activities knows it is good to have a special storage place, where to keep the things that matter for them, while camping.

The Stowaway2 Max Swingaway Cargo Carrier is giving you exactly what you need. It is a perfect suggestion that possesses 16 cubic feet of storage space. The good news is Max is designed better and allows 25 percent more room than the standard hitch cargo box.


It is made to fit perfectly Class 3 or 4 receiver hitch and its special frame is another reason to love this product. Due to the Swingaway frame, the cargo carrier matches the rear of your vehicle and stays stable, while driving.

Max is solid and easy to maintain, because it is made from high-impact polymer and it is unbreakable. According to the company maker the features that Max is offering are entirely from a new generation.


For instance, there are special plug-ins for easy cleaning and an interchange feature that allows the box to be swapped with a bike rack, rod rack or even cargo rack. The company is also offering a service that will put the Max directly on your vehicle. The price is $599.