Planning to Take Your Tiny Tot for Camping? Follow These Simple Tips

The arrival of a new baby brings many changes in a couple’s life, but this does not mean they have to give up everything they enjoy. Those who enjoy the outdoors may feel nervous about taking the new baby on a camping trip. Camping along with a new baby will be a little difficult but with a few things taken care of, it should not be too much of a hassle.

camping with babyYou can start by testing the waters with a short camping trip not too far from home. If you are too worried you can even try camping in your backyard for a couple of nights to see how comfortable you and the baby are.

When on a trip, carry plenty of extra clothes for you and for the baby. The baby is sure to get dirty when outdoors and you may too; so extra clothes would be welcome.

Insect repellant creams or lotions are not recommended for babies below six months. It would thus be wise to carry some mosquito netting with you, to place over the baby’s crib or stroller. Carry suitable hats and plenty of sunscreen.

Make it a point to keep your baby clean and fresh. You can use one of your bigger supply containers in place of a bathtub. Carry plenty of wipes and some sanitizer as well.

Carry suitable food for your baby. Consider utilizing bottle liners when camping. The nipples can’t be boiled on the camp fire. Carry food that does not need refrigeration.

You will need a first aid kit with baby supplies like a thermometer and fever reducer and some antibacterial cream. You will also need a small flash light which can be hung from the center of the tent, especially helpful if your baby is used to night light.

You might consider carrying a folding play pen for babies that have started moving around. Those who are still not too mobile can be easily let to play on a waterproof blanket. A baby carrier comes in handy when you are in the woods or even when completing camp chores. With slightly older children you may look for campsites that have play areas or swimming facilities for kids.

Keep warm during nights. Use firm mattresses to keep the cold away. Snuggling with your child in the night could mean peaceful nights for all. Camping with friends could be convenient as a few more hands with a baby are always welcome.

Camping with a baby can be a lot of work but very satisfying too.