Keeping the Kids Entertained when Camping

Opinions vary on when you should first take your children on a camping holiday. While cold tents in remote locations might be the ‘authentic’ camping experience, it’s not one that would impress a two-year old toddler – and you wouldn’t want to put them off camping for life!

However, if you’re an enthusiast who can’t wait to introduce your little ones to the excitement of spending a holiday in the open countryside (but want a bit of luxury at the same time) then you’ll find a more comfortable experience abroad – where your children will never get bored!

kids entertained when camping

When you travel to countries like France, Italy or Spain you’ll find established sites like Eurocamp, where comfortable accommodation is ready and waiting for you. Well-equipped family tents and cosy wooden lodges are set in beautiful parks, with nature at your doorstep.

There are hundreds of Eurocamps to choose from, and all have pools and playgrounds to keep your whole family entertained. If you’ve got children that are perhaps too young to go hiking, walking or exploring, there are special kids clubs where they can take part in art activities and play sport.

These Fun Stations, which are suitable for children aged 4-12, are run throughout the holiday season. They’re led by qualified people, so they’re really well organised and structured to allow your kids to get the most out of them.

Wacky water games, mini Olympics, circus clubs, superhero training and wild west activities are just some of the themes that will get your children’s imagination racing (and will hopefully wear them out so you all get a good night’s sleep!).

If you have really young children, then you still take them camping and relax. For babies as young as six months there’s a Mini Fun Station, which is especially designed for pre-school children. There they can enjoy face painting, nature trails and treasure hunts, while they’ll be able to develop their coordination skills with Tumble Tots equipment.

Since you’re camping at a site that has a pool, it’d be a shame not to use it. Even if your children can’t swim, that’s no reason to stay away. There are free swimming lessons for one to five-year olds, so they can get confident in the pool and you can enjoy a splash together.

In fact, it doesn’t seem to matter how old your children are. With teddy bears’ picnics, breakfast clubs, cycling sessions, discos, soccer schools and archery classes – your children will soon get used to camping!

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