Best US Summer Camps For Kids

In case you are choosing a camp for your kids, here are some of the best U.S. camps for the kids.

One of these is surely the camp YMCA, Boulder Junction in Wisconsin. The camp is nearly 50 years old and offers all kind of sport activities for your children. The main sport is canoeing.

KieveWavus, Nobleboro in Maine is another attractive camp and it is eminent for its fun program. Here your children can choose between tennis, sailing, backpacking and so many more activities. The session is for 26 days and the age is 8-15.

California also can boost with its camp the Shaffer’s High Sierra Camp in Sattley.

Here riding horses, rock climbing and mountain biking are just part of the rich program that the camp is offering.

Another famous children camp is located in Colorado. The Camp Cheley, Estes Park is perhaps the one that offers big commitment, but has only 4-week sessions.

The camp is famous, because there your children can practice all kind of sports and learn to be team players. Here they are eating healthy and the food menu is very attractive.

Usually in the Colorado based camp the children also get interesting learning hours. Here they can choose even their own instructor.