Know About Rock Climbing Techniques to Avoid Accidents

Rock climbing is a great form of outdoor or indoor recreation and also a means to keep you in shape. Basically, it is all about climbing the vertical rocky formations and is performed with the help of safety gear and equipment.

rock climbingRock climbing needs you not only to be adventurous; but you also need to have a strong mind with a great deal of physical strength. You should know about various techniques of rock climbing.

Techniques of rock climbing:

  • Mantel is a sequence of moves that are utilized to help in secure mounting. This technique helps you to push your body with arms so that you can climb with great security.
  • Ropes are one of the most essential gears used with rock climbing. You can use a single, double or twin rope system i.e. single rope for straight climb, double rope for increased flexibility, and twin rope for added safety.
  • You should use your legs and arms properly in order to use the body’s strength to the maximum. Various techniques instruct you to use your hands and legs in most efficient manner.
  • Heel hooks for a balanced state and toe hook to hook your toe on the rock. This technique greatly helps you to climb the rugged terrain.
  • The technique belaying is used to ensure your safety if you slip down while climbing. Belayer helps to control the friction and speed of the rope.
  • Crimp technique for a successful hand grip on the rock. This technique needs full contraction of the second joint in fingers.
  • Open hand grip is another technique in which first joint of the finger is used. This is a safe option for the joints.