7 of the World’s Best Rainforest Hikes

If you’d like to witness some of the most amazing scenery and wildlife on the planet it’s recommended that you take a hike through one of the world’s most colourful rainforests. These are some of the best forests to explore in different parts of the globe.

Worlds Best Rainforest Hikes(photo by dogwoodinitiative)

1. Great Bear Rainforest, British Columbia, Canada

The Great Bear Rainforest on Canada’s West coast is probably one of the only rainforests in the world that houses bears. There are no roads in the forest because it’s just too rugged. There are hotels that actually sit on barges and they’re towed into the region when winter disappears. You can take a guided seven-day trip in the forest to view grizzly bears. You’ll also find the spirit bear in the region, which is basically an albino black bear.

2. Australia

While many people associate Australia with the Outback and dusty trails, you’ll find some excellent rainforests in the North Eastern area of the country. These are home to snakes, frogs, and crocodiles. In addition, if you head to Port Douglas, you’ll find that over half of Australia’s bird species can usually be found within 100 miles of the town. Some of the best sports include Cape Tribulation and Daintree National Parks where you’ll find black swans, rainbow lorikeets, blue-winged kookaburras, and manikins.

3. River of Caves, Belize

The rainy season in Belize is between July and December. This is an ideal time to head though the River of Caves which lies underneath the jungle of Belize. There’s a seven-mile long river which you can tube down and explore. You can also get guided tours where you’re shown how to survive in the wilderness by building shelter, finding food, and brewing medicinal teas. You can also relax above the Caves Branch River in a jungle tree house.

4. The Amazon, Peru

The best way to explore the amazing rainforest in the Amazon in Peru is to take a seven-day cruise on a riverboat. These vessels can hold up to 30 people and they’ll paddle through jungle lakes and rivers. You’ll be able to fish for piranhas and meet the local indigenous residents. You’ll also head through the jungle and look for iguanas and sloths and enjoy the warm waters of secret local swimming holes.

5. Tijuca National Park, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This spectacular national park is the biggest urban rain forest on the planet. It’s only about a 25 minute drive from Rio de Janeiro. The forest features over 30 waterfalls and is home to a variety of birds, butterflies, and monkeys. The views of the city below are also amazing. You can hike through the forest and then head to the top of Corcovado Mountain to visit the huge Christ the Redeemer statue. You will be able to find Jeep tours of the forest as well.

6. Tongass National Forest, Alaska, USA

This is the biggest national forest in America and features some unforgettable scenery due to its diverse landscapes. You’ll be able to canoe with otters and whales in the forest’s misty fjords and bike through the historical ghost towns of the Gold Rush era. The salmon fishing is splendid and you’ll be able to raft down rivers and take dogsled rides to Mendenhall Glacier. Kayak tours are also available.

7. Madagascar, Africa

Madagascar is a beautiful isolated island that sits in the Indian Ocean just off of the coast of Mozambique in Africa. Mother Nature has done an excellent job here as you’ll find there are about 150,000 different types of animal species here that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. These include a wide variety of frogs, cockroaches, and lemurs. The rainforest also features some wonderful white sandy beaches that are surrounded by palm trees.