The Most Common Hiking Problem And How To Prevent It

A black toenail could ruin every outdoor activity. Sports lovers, camping fans, athletes and hikers – all of them often have this problem and know what to do so to prevent it.

hikingHere are simple tips how to avoid getting a black toenail. Generally the problem is in the shoes, you are choosing. Make sure your hiking boots are specially equipped for sport action. Do not take boots, in which your toes bump into the front of your shoe.

Always wear socks, when you are trying new footwear. In order to prevent black toenail, do not tighten the laces and try different lacing, which allows more comfort for your feet.

Usually the problem comes from heavy boots or shoes with rough platform.

There are new generation hiking boots, which are less heavy. Another good measure against irritating your feet and nails is wearing more versatile shoes such as trail shoes.

They are more comfortable and nimble. In case black toenails are constantly a pain for your feet, you need to visit doctor.