The Hiker’s Guide To Mexico

More and more people try under the foot of recession to find destinations that are able to offer along the low cost, the right means to have a good time. Under these conditions, more and more people are surfing daily the web to find the best camping and hiking spots in the world able to bring both adventure and good time to the visitors, but also the chance to visit amazing places with no additional cost.

Since camping became quite a cool option for summer vacations in Ibiza, Maldives and Mauritius and the websites covering camping recommend warmly the new entries in the area like Kenya, Dominican Republic, Nepal and Jamaica, compared to Mexico none of them offers as many hiking trails and adventures for the passionate campers of the world.

The camping spots in Mexico are spread all over the country and most of them are able to accommodate both RVs and tents. The means of transportation towards them vary so the campers should know that the remote areas are harder to reach via public transportation.

The first site to visit is Mexico City, one of the largest cities in the world hosting the Aztec palaces and murals along with the Metropolitan cathedral.

Teotihuacán, the city of the gods, is the coolest location holding the monumental pyramids of the Sun and the Moon and the temple of Quetzalcoatl.

Hiking across Pueblo will bring you to an amazing architectural site for the passionate of colonial – Spanish architecture harboring Santa Maria Temple, Tonantzintla, Rosario Chapel, the central market and El Pariah – the best place to see the artifact art of Mexico.

monte alban

Monte Alban is the paradise for the hikers and an important archeological complex, the result of a successive mix of pre-Columbian civilizations, numerous temples, mural paintings, pyramids, carvings and tombs.

During a hiking trip, anybody can admire the Observer – a building ensemble with astrological signification and the Dancer Stones – rock carvings represents male nude statues in different crunched postures.

The endless beaches of Mexico can also be enjoyed while camping. All the majestic beauty of the mountains mirrors into the bluest ocean and every camper is invited to rest his feet on the white beaches.

The large number of available sites ready to entertain the visitors is spread all over the Mexican country. The camping sites are available most of the year and many of them do not need to be reserved in advanced. There are over 400 camping sites available from Mexico City to Baja and they are all ready to entertain guests.