The Eagle Mountain Adventure Ready To Receive Campers

For anyone that loves camping, any new challenge is more than welcome. The Minnesota Mountains offer exactly what you need – adrenaline, challenges and rocky terrains on the road to the highest peak of Eagle Mountains.

minnesota mountainsThe hiking up to the peak is nearly 6.6 miles, but the route is incredibly beautiful and explores the forecasts and lakes of the Eagle Mountains. The highest point of it is 2031 feet high, which might not sound that high for well trained hikers, but the main idea here is the unique route to the top.

During hiking you will see the Superior National Forest, the largest one outside of Alaska. The campers will also see one of the world’s greatest paddling destinations – the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

Eagle MountainsThis park offers near 1000 natural lakes. The rocky terrain of Whale Lake, legendary for its beauty is also a stop from your route. After it, the climbing part of your journey starts.

Here the nature is still wild and untouched. You will see bears, eagles and wolves, as well as an unbelievable view from the top of the Minnesota’s highest peak.