Tatoosh Range Is A True Hiking Challenge

In case you are looking for more adrenalin in your camping routes, just take a look at the Tatoosh Range hiking activities.

Tatoosh Range is located south of Mt. Rainier National Park in Washington and it is known as a feverish destination for all the campers that need something different.

( photo credit: oldmantravels )

The trail starts from the National Park as it opens an amazing view, rocky terrains and wild places. The Tatoosh Peak is one of the points you will eventually reach.

It is out of the park’s borders and it is located in the so called Tatoosh Wilderness Area. The highest peak of the trail is the Unicorn Peak (6971), known as one of the difficult peaks to hike.

Be sure that this trail requires a special equipment and training before taking on the Tatoosh adventure. Don’t miss out to see the dangerous Eagle Peak, another reason to love this amazing trail.