7 Tips to Take Care of your Hiking Boots

It is true that all kinds of footwear will wear down at some point or the other but taking care of them can help you increase their life. The same is true for your hiking boots as well. Good quality and expensive hiking boots must be given a lot of care so as to prolong their life and ensure that they remain comfortable for as long as possible. The following are the 7 tips to take care of your hiking boots:

take care of your hiking boots1. Break in your New Hiking Boots

When you buy a new pair of hiking boots, make sure you wear them around the house or when you are going for local short walks. This helps to break them in and make them comfortable enough for your hikes.

2. Before Heading Out, turn them over and check

Before you head out for your hiking trip, make sure you always turn them over and check their condition. Check the shoelaces, the waterproofing and any crack in the material so that you can fix them beforehand.

3. Carry Cleaning items for your Boots

Make sure you carry the right cleaning materials to clean your boots during the hiking trip. You will need to do so several times to keep them in proper and clean condition.

4. Clean the Boots when you Return for the Hike

Another useful tip for caring for your hiking boots is to clean them each time after you return from your little adventure. Remove the mud, the dirt, wipe the boots, wash them if required and only after drying keep them back at their place.

5. Regularly Inspect the Overall Condition of the Boots

Once in a while, get your boots out and check their overall condition. You must replace fraying laces, change worn inner soles and prepare them for the future in order to prolong their life to the maximum.

6. Use a Leather Conditioner

You can use a leather conditioner to keep your boots shining and prevent the insulation of drying out. The creases in between the leather can quickly dry out and do not forget to use the conditioner on them.

7. Store your Hiking Boots Right

Find a suitable storage place for your shoes for the time when they are not in use. Do not store them at humid storage spaces or in plastic bags where they cannot breathe. The best option is to put them somewhere they are easily accessible.