Stone Elephants Sleeping On The Route Of A Cool Missouri Hiking Trail

The Elephant Rock State Park is located in Missouri and it is one of the treasuries of the U.S. you surely should visit.

The red granite formed by hot magma 1.5 billion years ago is now a challenge to anyone who likes hiking and walking on rough terrains. One of the largest elephant rocks there is called Dumbo.

According to the information, Dumbo tops all measuring 680 tones and really grabs the attention with its spooky look.

The best trail for hiking lovers at the Elephant Rock State Park is the Braille Trail, which brings up for the tourists one mile of stunning views of the granite boulders and unusual shape and forms.

The trail follows the most unique granite rocks and one of the stops is the old quarry site. Since early 1800s, the granite was used as building material and the paving blocks are still standing. Despite the rocky landmark, the park is also offering trails into the forest and picnic areas.