Portland – True Hikers Challenge Ready To Be Tried

Mount Hood Stood is located in Oregon and it is by far one of the favorite destinations of campers and hikers all around the U.S.

The trail, which this treasury is suggesting is only for people that have a previous experience, because it is actually a long one and requires some skill. The 6.8 miller is following Oregon’s tallest peak as its routes are rocky and rough. The Palmer Glacier is also part of the trail, as well as passing through a glacier crevasse.

palmer glacier

One of the best spots of the trail is the spectacular view of the Cascade Range, known as extremely dangerous. The trail is also following an extremely interesting terrain. The route crosses the ski lift and the base of Crater Rock, which is eminent for the volcanic lava dome.

From there, the trail becomes even more difficult, because it includes hiking experience as it goes for the Oregon’s tallest point. There are of course a lot of standard trails, which are offered by different Portland’s camping agencies, but this one is an adventure, because it opens the amazing views of this piece of heaven.