Olympic National Park Will Make Your Hiking Trip A Blast

Olympic National Park is one of those great natural beauties that lay in the heart of the Washington state.

Located west of Seattle, the park is known as a paradise for hikers and backpackers. The lovers of outdoor activities will certainly be amazed by the images that this treasury is offering- high mountain peaks, covered with snow, rain forests, rugged shores and of course the famous Makah Indian Reservation.

The park suggests one of the most exciting trails in the U.S. The terrain is wild and difficult, but the adventure is worth it.

Despite the fact that mountains are not very high, the trails are rough due to the glaciers and the snowcaps. Anyone who ever visited the Olympic National Park knows about the mystery of the rain forests.

Here the giant fir trees reach 300 feet above the forest and the rich variety of plants is often the surprise of the journey.

There is also another famous attraction- the mineral laden hot waters that turn to be another reason to get in touch with this magnificent piece of nature.

Here camping activities are many, but the hikers certainly will adore the place. Olympic National Park is also offering all kinds of accommodations and tours into the wild nature of this park.