Exploring Block Island

block islandBlock Island is located in Rhode Island and is one of the most beautiful hiking areas that you can find. The scenery there is simply gorgeous.There are many ways to travel the hiking trails of Block Island.Twenty five miles are located there for your hiking pleasure. This is called the Greenway Trails.  You can get a map to help you on your journey at the “The Nature Conservancy”.

Some visitors go by bicycle. Others explore an easier way by choosing to travel the hiking trails by moped. Some of the hiking trails on Block Island can only be enjoyed by foot. [Hiking tips]

Formation and Sites

Hiking instead of driving lets you see things that you wouldn’t otherwise notice. Block Island has a lot of beautiful natural scenery. Block Island’s formation was made by glaciers many, many years ago. It is a good place to go bird watching.

You will see many species on this beautiful island. Some species on Block Island are considered to be endangered. This Island is famous for its Victorian architecture.

Another site of interest on Block Island is the North Lighthouse that is located at the northern edge of the island. The awesome Rhode Island coastline will let you explore its many awesome beaches.

Northwest Side

On the northwest part of Block Island you will not only find the Northern Lighthouse but also a place on the island called the Labyrinth. Hiking the trails to the Labyrinth will be well worth your time. The Labyrinth’s wooden stairway is near Corn Neck Road.

You will not find a better place to see the picturesque views of this side of Block Island.  Another wonderful hiking trail on the northwest side of the island is Clayhead Trail.

On this colorful trail you will find fields of Daffodils. Other sites you will see on Clayhead Trail are Clay Head Swamp and the Maze. The Maze is true to its name because it is a maze of nature trails that loop around to each other.

Southern Side

You don’t want to miss out on the lush nature trails of the southern part of the island. Elizabeth Dickens Trail may be somewhat hidden out of site but it is well worth your time to find it. This trail was named after Elizabeth Dickens who was a dedicated bird watcher on Block Island.

The Southeast Lighthouse is also located on this side of the island and is near several wonderful beaches to explore. The way to access those are hiking down one of the many trails to the beach or using the hillside stairs near the overlook.

Rodman’s Hollow

Rodman’s Hollow is 230 acres of land that was made by glacial outwash. This trail is marked by a wooden gate and turnstile near Cooneymus Road. From Rodman’s Hollow you can see panoramic views and even walk on the beach by Hiking Islands  the trail that leads down the bluff.

There are so many trails on Block Island that it would take you days if not weeks to hike them all. The scenery will take your breath away and give you a peaceful feeling.