Essential Camping Hiking Gear For Your Outdoor Adventure

For decades now, hiking has been widely practiced all over the world. It is your access in exploring the outside world. Hiking has been the most common outdoor activity that doesn’t require you to travel too far and spending more than you can afford.

As years unfold, the evolution of camping hiking gear has gradually turned into something that is far more advanced and developed for durability and efficiency.

hikingDepending on what you plan to do and how long the trip is, your camping hiking gear must be at the top of your priority list. Remember that when you start hiking, you also start saying goodbye to the comforts of the modern world as you journey deeper into the mountains.

Your camping hiking gear need not be expensive yet they are very important things to consider in planning a hiking trip. Hiking is fun if you know how to follow rules, get organized and be safe while on the trip with the right camping hiking gear.

10 Important camping hiking gears

1. Camping tents: Your camping tent serves as your shelter on base camp for long hiking trips.

2. Sleeping bag: Your sleeping bag will be your portable bed and blanket during the night.hiking backpack3. Hiking backpacks: Your backpack is an essential camping hiking gear that should be on your list. This is where you will store all your essential gear while hiking, keeping them organized and easy to carry.

4. Hiking boots/shoes: There are three types of hiking boots. This camping hiking gear falls under three types. The trail shoes are meant for light trek, dry land and a short hiking trip. A trail hiker is for muddy and steeper paths, often a high cut boot. And lastly the mountaineering boots, which is used for mountain climbing. It consists of a stiff sole and is more durable than the two.

5. Hiking clothes: Your hiking clothes should be breathable, durable, and weather resistant. It should be easily compressed unlike jeans and other heavy fabric clothes.walking sticks6. Walking sticks: This camping hiking gear can increase your endurance and it balances the work load of your legs to your arms. There’s less pressure on your knees too if you opt to use a walking stick properly.

7. Maps/guides: It is commonly a man made map that is drawn in a large scale that is used as a guide on the trail.

8. Sunglasses: An important camping hiking gear that is tinted and a great protection on the sun’s blare. Choose a sunglass that has a UV protection.

9. Knives: Knife is a common camping hiking gear that has a multitude use and features. Your camping knife should be light and can perform tasks from tightening screws to slicing a fruit.

10. Whistle: a whistle is used to call for attention during the hike and somebody gets lost. Shouting will eventually wear you out in case you’ve been lost for several hours. This camping hiking gear is a life saving device.