Essential Hiking Gear In The Desert

Hiking in the desert is potentially dangerous and can turn life threatening. The temperatures in the desert can move from below freezing to above 150 F within the span of a single day. Before venturing out on a desert hike, make sure you know where you are headed. Be aware of the limitations of a GPS system working in the desert. Do not travel alone. Before going for a desert hike, do let people know where you are going.

desert hiking gear


Apart from the above points to be considered while you are on a desert hiking trip, here are a few more tips to get your hiking gear ready for the desert.

1. Obviously the most important from the point of view of the purpose of your trip is a good pair of sturdy hiking shoes.

2. Wear proper clothing that will save you from the heat as well as extreme cold in the desert. Wear loose long pants that will save you from the scorching sun during the day and the cold as evening falls. Long pants will also save you from rocks and cactus.

3. Carry a jacket to save you from chilly mornings and evenings while hiking in the desert.

4. It is important to drink water continuously or you may get dehydrated. Carry lots of water at least one gallon per person for each day.

5. Carry a backpack to throw in your necessary items like sunscreen and water bottle when you go hiking.

6. Carry a few granola bars, nuts and a bar of chocolates for your hike.

7. Do not forget to carry your sunscreen. Desert weather is extreme and the temperatures can burn your skin. Therefore use sunscreen liberally, and carry it in your backpack to reapply in between.

8. Carry a small flashlight too in case of emergency.

9. Make a small first aid kit with an antiseptic cream, cotton, band aid, some medicines for common problems like nausea, stomach upset, dizziness, fever, headache etc.

10. Carry a wide brimmed hat to save yourself from the sun.

11. A sunglass should not be forgotten to save you from the sun.

12. Carry a map to guide you. A compass should be an essential item in your list of things to be carried for the desert hike.

13. Carry some waterproof matches and a pocket knife too.

14. Throw in a fine toothed comb into your backpack to help you to comb out cactus spines and thorns.

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