California Hiking Trails Built For Your Safe Outdoor Trips

California has many beautiful hiking trails, which you can try if you are in the mood for the great outdoors. Outdoor activities like hiking are the perfect way to unwind and relax amidst the beauty of nature.

Chantry FlatsSome of the popular southern California hiking trails are located in Chantry Flats. It is preferred spot for nature lovers around the Greater Los Angeles. Chantry Flats has a number of hiking trails which take you through the stunning Angeles national forest.

Lake Gregory Trail is another must see hiking trail. The trail winds its way through canopied trees, exquisite beaches and tiny creaks. It naturally loops around the lake and is the perfect spot for dates, family picnics and even jogs.

Rim trailRim trail is a fabulous northern California hiking trail at Patrick’s Point State Park. The trail has picturesque scenery all along which includes playful marine creatures in the seas. This secluded trail passes through lush landscape.

napa valley

The Napa Valley boasts of hiking trails off the Robert Louis Stevenson State Park. The trail leads to the foot of Mount of Saint Helena. The five mile trail has plenty of rough trekking and a fantastic view to compensate all the way from the Pacific to Mount Shasta.