Black Ridge Trail Invites You To Join It For Spring

There is a route that can easily be called the adrenalin dream for the camping lovers. The Black Ridge Trail in Colorado is the highest trail in Colorado National Monument. The views are stunning, the route is difficult and the adrenaline is guaranteed.

For those of you, who want to have a perfect adventure, just follow the trace over this remarkable route.

black ridge trailThe course is nearly 5.4 mile and the views offer famous landmarks – Grand Junction, the Grand Valley, and the Book Cliffs. The best time to hike at Black Ridge Trail is exactly in the late spring, where it is not yet so hot, but the weather invites with enough sun and fresh breeze.

book cliffsThe hiking starts at the route from north to south. On your way to the top you will also see the popular place with their beauty Monument’s steep-walled canyons and the San Juan Mountains that rise on the horizon. Don’t miss out this amazing chance to get in touch with this mighty nature.

San Juan Mountains