Appalachian Trail – A Hike To Remember From Outdoor Adventure

The East’s national parks have many hidden gorgeous trails, but recently there is one adventure that is fascinating even the professionals. It’s all about the northern 33-mile section that is part of the Appalachian Trail.

The Appalachian Trail itself is very famous, for being a trail with amazing views and just as any long trail, it is considered as a real adventure, but exactly this section can be called a dream route for any hiker.

appalachian trail 1

The route passes trough Baxter State Park, which opens the view to the 100-Mile Wilderness. East Peaks of Baldpate Mountain is also included in the trail, as most of the hikers take a rest exactly at this place.

Other stops of this trail are the Wyman, Old Blue, Elephant and Bemis Mountains. They hide an amazing nature, magnificent landscaping and an experience that you surely never have had before. Usually the route can be taken as a four-day trip, but you can make it shorter.

appalachian trail 2

The other thing, which you need to consider, is your own physical condition. This is isn’t a trail for amateurs and you will need experience before taking the decision to walk the trail. The route is difficult and rocky, therefore don’t do it without the necessary training.