10 Best Weekend Hikes in America

For someone who likes to get out of the humdrum of urban life, weekend day hikes are the best option. Here are 10 best weekend hike spots in America that will get you fresh and ready for the Monday ahead.

Weekend Hikes in America

1. Pinhoti Trail, Alabama

This is a 100 mile trail located in the outskirts of Birmingham. You can tread over the mountains, valleys, streams and the natural history of the Talladega National Forest that form a part of this trail. Solitude is the specialty of this trail.

2. Campbell Tract Trail, Alaska

This is a 3.4 mile loop trail located in the 730 acre Campbell Tract Special Recreation Management Area. It is a non-motorized recreation centre with activities like biking, skiing, equestrian hiking and snowshoeing. This is a hot spot for those who love animal encounters.

3. Bear Canyon Trail, Arizona

Access the dramatic landscape of Santa Catalina Range from this trail which goes all the way to the Seven Falls. It is a splendid scenic route that goes winding up with saguaros rising high above you.

4. Mores Mountain Interpretive Trail, Idaho

This trail, that will give you spectacular views of the Saw Tooth Mountains and the Boise National Forest, is a short 3-mile hike that can culminate in the wide open spaces for a mid morning picnic. This is the best place to enjoy a sunny day in the lap of nature.

5. Woodland Trail Network, Massachusetts

This is a 5-mile loop with a mix of various terrains like forests, grasslands and wetlands.  A haven for the mountain bikers this place is great even for the amateurs. The hike is great for families too.

6. Bluff Trail, Minnesota

It is the closet getaway located just 2 miles away from Minneapolis. It passes through the ravenous terrain of the forest and ends at a historic bridge which is now closed to the hikers. You can also witness a variety of birds here.

7. Wapack Trail, New Hampshire

This is the oldest among the trails in this region. It extends up to Monadnock with great views of the mountain and the wild life below.

8. Charon’s Garden Trail, Oklahoma

Located in the heart of the Wichita Mountains, this trail is a test of your adventure quotient and the quality of your shoes. It is really a garden tail because the hike culminates in a small stream and waterfalls with stunning views of the mountain. Wildlife lovers can visit this place for sightings of elks, bison and the bald eagle.

9. Cecret Lake Trail, Utah

Well known for its wild flower blooms, this is a hot spot for day hikers during summer, early autumn and late spring. From moose to deer you can view many wild animals around here.

10. Silver Lake Loop trail, Utah

Another easy trip from Salt Lake City, this trail is around the Silver Lake in the Big Cottonwood Canyon. Abundance of wildlife, scenery and wild flowers, you can enjoy a picnic after your hike.