Tips, Tricks and Techniques on Bass Fishing

One of the tastiest fishes that people like as game is bass. You may think that bass is just a large mouth fish, but in reality it has several varieties. The most commonly angled bass variant is olive green with stripes. There is also another variety that is silver in color.

While most fishermen consider bass to be a good game it is also true that you need to brush up your angling skills to score a good one. Here are a few tips that will help you to fish bass.

techniques on bass fishingTips on Bass Fishing

  • The best time to fish for bass is their pre-spawn period which is during spring. At that time the water temperature is around 60 degree and the male and female bass start feeding and looking for places to nest. These nests can be extremely near the shore and you can locate them right from the shoreline.
  • Bass are sensitive to temperature and they surface in the wee morning hours and the evening when the temperature is pleasant. So that is the best time for you to be ready for such fish.
  • When there is maximum possibility to catch bass you need to be tactful about their resting place. When there is too much sun, then the bass look for shelter. It is only during the cloudy days that they leave their shelters and come out. You need to locate the shelters so that your bait is ready and you can angle for a trophy bass.
  • The hungry bass are attracted towards live bait. They prey on fish that are almost half their size. So if you are the adventurous type then you can use live bait on the surface of the water and see a hungry bass jump out to get it. That is your chance to get that trophy.
  • If you are using a fishing line then make sure that the bait is in place. Baits can often be dislodged due to stones, gravel and tide. You need to keep an eye on the line so that your fishing process is complete.

Remember that you are fishing bass and in order for enthusiasts to continue doing that you need to release the female bass. This will help her complete the cycle of life and there will be more bass fishes to fish in your and other fishermen’s future.

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