Backpacking Food Ideas for Long Trips

It can be quite challenging to plan the meals when you are going for an outdoor adventure. Both the weight and space are important to consider while preparing for a backpacking trip.

backpacking foodBringing lot of food or any other equipment makes your pack unnecessarily heavy. Also, not taking enough food can be problematic. So, it is important to plan your meals and snacks before leaving.

Get the foods that are rich in nutrients. Foods with empty calories won’t give needed energy for backpacking and they occupy more space in the whole pack.

Get easy to make foods. If the foods you are taking need cookware, bring non-stick cookware for easy cleaning. Don’t bring the foods that are more likely to melt. You can purchase the food items that are particularly designed for backpacking.

Breakfast: Instant grits and instant oatmeal are good for backpacking trip. Bread with jelly and peanut butter, bagels are also good for breakfast. Bring jelly or peanut butter in leak proof containers.

Beverages: Beverages that provide hydration and easy to prepare are good to bring. For backpacking trip, best beverage choices include coffee, tea, Gatorade and instant powdered juices.

Snacks: Bring snacks that are rich in proteins and complex carbohydrates. Nuts and dried fruits are good to bring. If you are a candy lover, bring chocolate covered peanuts. Protein bars are also an excellent choice. For crispy snacking, it is good to bring snack chips and whole grain crackers.

Lunch and dinner: Dried soups, Ramen noodles, cheese, macaroni, sliced pepperoni and pita bread are good choices for lunch and dinner.